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CSA Fraternal Life is America’s Oldest Fraternal Benefit Society. It was founded in 1854 in St. Louis, Missouri, as the Cesko-Slovanske Podporujici Spolecnost (Czecho-Slovak Protective Society) by Czechoslovak immigrants who wanted to provide some security for their widows and children upon their death.

It also was and is a social outlet for people of similar background and interests. CSA has developed into a network for members helping each other with various needs in life.

Beside providing insurance products, CSA’s other purposes are to:

(1) foster fraternity, charity & patriotism among its members;
(2) promote the social, recreational & spiritual welfare of its members and mankind in general;
(3) encourage its members to practice physical fitness and to cooperate with and support organizations promoting such programs;
(4) encourage and support every effort to perpetuate the Czechoslovak heritage, language and customs;
(5) promote and support all activities and principles as benefits a fraternal benefit society.

CSA offers life insurance and annuities to fit a variety of needs, and provides a full package of fraternal benefits to all its members. These include: CSA’s Scholarship Program, sports activities (Bowling and Golf Tournaments), CSA Get-Together (annual social meeting), youth activities (CSA Junior Bowl-O-Rama, Youth Newsletter, youth meetings), Miss National CSA Contest, Matching Funds Programs/Volunteer Activities, Photo Contest, and Recognition Awards.

For more information about CSA and its products and benefits, contact the Home Office in
Oak Brook, Illinois at 1-800-543-3272.

Now you can view our ACEC Group Calendar featuring Meetings & Events at our Center.

This site is maintained by our members who are:

CSA Fraternal Life Lodges Missouri, Spirit Of St. Louis, Washington,
and Gymnastics Association Sokol St. Louis.


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